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The Clam Shack has garnered national attention in the media with its award winning menu and timeless location. With a no frills selection of perfectly prepared summertime fare served from a classic seafood shack perched over the Kennebunk River, the Clam Shack has been written about in the New York Times, Boston Globe and USA Today, as well as many regional newspapers. Our lobster roll was the Maine winner for USA Today’s 50 Great Plates From 50 States. Magazine citations and mentions are numerous and include Gourmet, Coastal Living, Martha Stewart Living, Every Day with Rachel Ray and Travel and Leisure. Print media awards have been given to the Clam Shack in many "Best Of" categories ranging from best lobster roll to best clam shack to best atmosphere, and a unique favorite: "best bastion of humility in a town of ostentation…" (Coastal Living).

Clam Shack recipes grace the pages of specialty cook books (and special interest ones like The Bush Family Cook Book) and travel guide books (Road Food; 500 Things to Eat Before It’s Too Late) list it as a destination of its own.



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“My favorite, favorite place to get a lobster roll”
- Nilou Motamed, food editor for Travel and Leisure
" 'The best fried clams in New England.'  That is something we always knew - now the world does! "
-Barbara Bush, former First Lady
"Uhmm…I’m still dreaming about that lobster roll.."
-Al Roker, entertainer and NBC's Today Show weatherman
"This place does the best fried clams on the entire Maine coast and is more than worth a detour from anywhere!"
-Brooke Dojny, James Beard Award-winning food writer
"This lobster roll is the best food I’ve ever put in my mouth"
-Adam Gertler, host of Food Network's "Will Work for Food"